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EARN LINDENS - Join the fastest growing grid-wide social games network inside Second Life where you can earn Linden Dollars for participating in Gold Hunt hunting for coins or in Fish Hunt fishing for L$.
Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt are traffic generators. As such, they are a tool provided to the landowners to use for the purpose of increasing traffic on their land. The community that has grown up around these traffic tools is an amazing result of well-made products and plans that are, even now, in a constant state of development.
For this reason, we can not promise that the products you buy today will not change for whatever comes tomorrow. What we can promise is a staff willing to help all who participate to learn the new functions as they develop.
There are many ways to earn funds within this community, and one can choose to either embrace them all or just one component. What ever you choose, please keep in mind that it is your choice how much you participate and as such, the results of your choices are your responsibility, not Goldtokens or the staff.
Read all the available information for all options pertaining to the participation you are considering before committing to it, and ask staff for assistance if there are still areas left unclear to you.
These games are set up to make the ability to profit from them possible, however we do not guarantee that all who do take part will profit. There are too many
variables and options to the players for us to do so. There are power-up available that will enhance ones gameplay but they are not required in order to find enjoyment and profit. The difference is the pace in which one progresses, something only the player should be responsible for deciding on.


At Goldtokens games, the staff are very present and available. They interact with the community because they are a part of the community. The creators of Goldtokens Games felt that allowing staff to play the games would ensure they had a current and deep understanding of how the games work and would better be able to understand issues and situations presented to them by the community. It also insures that Staff are as interested in seeing fair and profitable gameplay as the community is.


CEO Wili Clip and Game Masters Terrydavidd Resident, Dayz Short and Kevdee Resident


Elders Zosmine Resident, Bethtech Resident, Dennis51 Resident and KitkatPerrin Resident


Goldtokens offers many ways to gain information and assistance within the community. Sometimes it can be hard to know which method of support is appropriate for what you need. This guide will help you to see what help is available and to know which is right for your situation.


This is our official website . Many functions can be done by logging in to this website. Landowner tools. Game categories and stats. Game host locations. Important links to the support desk and our TOS. Your Goldtokens profile and the community blog page. Rankings. These are all resources and tools that you can access yourself without need of staff direction.

  • Goldtokens Wiki

This is the Goldtokens wiki. Although not yet complete, it offers much information that is current and relevant to the games and functions within the community. Many of the most often asked questions are answered in our wiki.

This is the Goldtokens Support desk. Here is where you go to file a ticket for technical issues or problems that are not appropriate to bring on to the LGH chat room. Also if time schedules prevent you from connecting with the staff needed to sort your issues, etc.

  • Blogs

The blog site on our website is a huge source for information. Staff and the Community address everything Goldtokens there and the search engine on that page will help you locate any topic you desire.

  • The Help Center

Located at the Goldtokens Headquarters, the Help Center Hut is a board with topic buttons that address all things under the Goldtokens roof, with easy to follow prompts to help one zero in on the information they need

  • Marketplace store

This is our store in marketplace. A good resource for checking prices on items you are thinking about buying.

  • Landowners group

This is a support group for the Goldtokens Landowners only, where they can discuss concerns and issues relevant to owning a land that hosts our Gold Hunt and Fish Hunt games.

  • Farmers

This is a support group for our farmers to get information and discuss strategies with other farmers or ask questions.

  • Snuffles

This is a support group for our snuffles breeders, a great place to advertise snuffles for sale or ask questions related to any of the snuffles functions and find support.

*LGH chat room

This is the official LGH - The main chat room for our community. This room is a great place to ask the less involved questions as it is staffed by Game Masters and Elders, but in addition to that, where our community members with more experience in our games can be found. Our community members are great resources for information amnd are happy to help with questions, directions, advice…etc.

  • on-call support

This is where you can often find on-duty staff.

  • Elders

Elders are trained and experienced players hand-picked for their knowledge and desire to help within the community.
They are resources for explanations and directions and guidance in community standards, and they know where to direct you if further assistance is needed. Our Elders are one of the very best resources available to the community.

*Game Masters

Goldtokens Game Masters are dedicated and trained volunteers with a high degree of knowledge and access to tools that can ease your experience or fix many issues you may encounter while playing the Goldtokens games. They are the persons you ask for when your issue or question is personal or beyond the scope of Elders ability and community resources. The Game Masters have many duties behind the scenes and should be requested only when all other appropriate avenues have been tried

As you see, there are many available resources to assist you with whatever questions or concerns you may have. Because we have real lives and obligations, there may be times when Elders and Game Masters are not available. this is the time when you need to know the available options that may allow you to help yourself. Even when staff are available, it is always best to use the resources we provide before asking for assistance from staff. This is because there are may tasks that staff need to do and that need much time to do. Tasks that improve the quality of your game play.

General questions should be looked up in our Wiki or asked in the LGH chat room. This allows the community to respond with appropriate answers as well as informs other new players who may be wondering the same things you have asked.


Much thought and discussion was made in writing the TOS that governs acceptable behavior in the LGH community. You can read the TOS





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