Fish Hunt is a main source of Lindens. Fishing has other side-earners associated with it that can also bring in a little extra cash


*Water Spirit Shubbie

*Royal Contest

*Fisher Cards

*Selling Fish

*Hud Voting Lands

*Station Voting Lands


Gold Hunt is a main source for Lindens. Don't forget to sign up for the weekly Royal Gold Hunt Contest!

*Ice Shubbie

*Royal Gold Hunt Contest

Trivia Hunt can be a main source of Lindens but is best used while fishing. as you can answer questions while you cast!


*Selling Mats

*Using Mats





*Sell/Use Crafted Items


*Worm Farms


*Biowaste Composters

*Barrel Commissions

*Farm Plot Rentals

*Watering Crops

*Affiliate Boards

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