You'll be starting out, just like any new fisher, with limited fishing experience and equipment. We'll provide you with a free Beginner Rod and some free Worm Bait. We allow avatars to fish for free with beginner equipment, but the rest as they say is up to you!

Fishing is a real skill that you'll have to develop over time. Keep gaining Fishing Experience Points and your earnings will gradually increase. Soon enough you'll be able to upgrade your fishing rod and your experience will increase even faster.


The Goldtokens gaming network is by far the largest in Second Life. We serve many thousands of players each month and support a huge and diverse community. To withdraw your Linden Dollars from your Goldtokens Account just visit the Fish Hunt Headquarters and touch the Goldtokens ATM Machine.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as you've earned 1L$ or more. There's no catches, we promise.

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