The Goldtokens HUD is a dual-mode HUD. What this means is that it has two sides that can be switched between to use the HUD for Gold Hunt as well as for Fish Hunt. It also has buttons in both modes that deal with other aspects of the Goldtokens games. The Functions section below describe what the Fish Hunt mode buttons are for.

The HUD is obtainable in-world at the Goldtokens Headuarters. You may also ask for one in the LGH group

  • Upper left corner yellow button switches you to gold hunt hud
  • Upper right corner blue arrow brings out extension window
  • Middle section shows stats for xp, rank, and current balance
  • (this information will auto-update only if you are using one of the extension rods, all others must rely on local chat stats for current data or manually update HUD by clicking the blue arrow after cast has completed)
  • Bottom section black bars
  • Next location - gives random slurl for fish hunt lands
  • Wiki - gives website url for wiki location
  • HQ payout - gives link to headquarters for ATM use
  • Lands - gives website url for buoy list and events
  • Side section thumbs
  • These are used to vote up or vote down a location you are currently at for the purpose of placement in hud list. Voting with either one gives the voter 2 xp per vote.

To open the extension window, simply click the arrow in the upper right corner

  • White button - gives Kingdoms and Empires url for clan list
  • Top black bar - gives link to your resources on the goldtokens website
  • Bottom black bar - gives you the goldtokens website url
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