*Upper left corner blue button switches you to fish hunt hud
*Upper right corner yellow arrow brings out extension window
*Middle section shows stats for xp, rank, and current balance
*Bottom section black bars
*next location - gives random slurl for coin hunt lands
*land - gives url for website coin hunt land list
*HQ payout - gives link to headquarters for ATM use
*recruit - gives link to access apprentice stats and /or seeks presence of avatar in vicinity to recruit
*Side section - thumbs
*These are used to vote up or vote down a location you are currently at for the purpose of placement in hud list. Voting with either one gives the voter 2 Golds per vote.


Extension Window
White button - gives Kingdoms and Empires url for clan list
Top black bar - gives link to your resources on the goldtokens website
Bottom black bar - gives you the goldtokens website url

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