Landowners Guide

Bold text>=== Gold Hunt Landowners Guide===

==== Setting up your land

To begin, decide where the key points you want traffic are at.

in a shop
near a sale sign
leading to a land feature
on a dance floor
at a tp point
The options are only limited by your imagination and what your goals are

Next, decide what style of coin placement you will use

scattered everywhere - all coin types and gems mixed in a big jumble
lesser valued coins scattered with higher value gems hidden
hide them all
strategically placed
Have fun with the set up.Hunters enjoy a little bit of challenge in the game so don't
be afraid to create one

What to expect when you rez a coin

Rezzing a coin creates a debt permission request. For the coin to do its job you need to respond with a yes. It simply gives the coin permission to use the lindens you will put in it and to distribute them to those who click the coin.

granting debt permissions gives you the ability to add a budget to the coin
adding a budget to the coin makes your land appear on the hud and on our website land list
it also makes hunters appear at your land very quickly
for this reason I suggest the following

If you plan on rezzing a bunch of coins and hiding them and or taking time to place them as you like..go ahead and rez the coins but dont grant debit perms yet. Finish rezzing all the coins and getting them set just right THEN go back and grant perms and fill the coins. This way youre not interrupted in the set up process by hunters.

In placing your coins keep in mind that they must be click-able from no more than 9m away and a method of reaching them must be provided. Hiding coins is encouraged but a small portion of each must be visible. They cannot be placed on restricted portions of your land and no group can be required to access them.

You can find more information about the gold hunt game rules according to our TOS here in the section of 1.0 - Land Owner Rules

If you have made sure everything is as it should be , go ahead and fill your coins. Now you can either start a rush with the gold hunt rush station or leave the coins as they are for hunters to locate as they come to explore your land.

To qualify for the ability to start a gold rush you will need

A. 10 silvers and ten gold and any other denomination you wish
B. 5 of each coin denomination

Either way is fine but they must be filled to cause the station to count them as qualified. You may, of course,place more than the needed amounts.

How Land Ranking works

The following page explains how your land will be ranked and what determines its placement in the land list

Setting your budget and goals will help you decide which coins/gems to use. Tthe following table details what each coin is going to do

COIN Re-Collection Time Re-Spawn Time Scrap 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES Iron 3 HOURS 1 HOUR Bronze 6 HOURS 3 HOURS Silver 12 HOURS 6 HOURS Gold 24 HOURS 12 HOURS Emerald 24+ HOURS RANDOM Ruby 24+ HOURS RANDOM Diamond 24+ HOURS RANDOM

More information can be found in the LGH (Linden Gold Hunter) Group. Ask for staff or ask your question in the chatroom.Our community is known for responding helpfully

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