Lottery refers to the items you can gain through fishing. Random items caught along with your fish that gives additional value to your cast catch.
These items include

  • Potions
  • Shubbie Food Powders
  • Worms
  • Experience Points

Sometimes you even win several of these in a single cast!
The wins are delivered directly to your rod, where they are added to your existing items of the same type.
If you have won a potion or powder it engages within your next applied cast and is used up till it is gone.
This use can be interrupted if you have one of the extended edition fishing rods, where you are given the option of storing the item for later use.
These items are for your use only and are not meant to be sold to others.
The worms you can catch through fishing are a great benefit to fishers, and help defray the cost of fishing.
The potions and powders are items you can learn to craft yourself as well.

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