Noob Hunt

The Noob Hunt is the way to actively earn from being inactive, what that means is that you use it to recruit noobies that have not yet played LGH games and get a 5% earnings from what they make (10% if you have more than 100 apprentices), this is often called referals but named apprentices here.

For example, if apprentice Noobie Resident cashes out 100 linden through the ATM, then your account gets credited 5 lindens.

First off all, we need to have the HUD, this is received through buying it (for free) at

How to recruit: Keeping in mind that you can only recruit players who have not yet played LGH games.

Clicking the Recruit Apprentice on your HUD will bring up a window with names of all residents around you and clicking on a name from said list, will send an invitation to LGH to that player, if they accept then you should take the time to go into their IM and explain about how they can earn lindens with LGH and get them started with the Gold Hunt page and a rod to fish with, together with the multiplier page, go into details about how to buy worms after they have fished from the starter worms, not to forget explaining how to cash out from the ATM and where etc.

Being effective at what you do is the key, writing up a notecard with instructions that covers all of the above (and extra stuff you feel a new player should know) and then simply giving them a short IM informing them that you are sending a notecard about how to earn lindens, would prove to save you alot of time.

How to sell Apprentices: From time to time, it is nice just to cash in on that huge list of active Apprentices you have,

Clicking on the Sell Apprentice button will present you with a url to your Apprentice list, together with opening for you entering an Apprentice name to sell and next how much linden to sell the Apprentice for.

Example: /7 Wili Clip /8 100

In the above example, we sell Apprentice "Wili Clip" for 100 lindens.

Putting up Apprentices for sale, places the Apprentice for others to see on the Buy Apprentice list and if they like the statistics (or name as celebrities often sell just for the fame of it) then you make a sell.

How to buy Apprentices: Buying Apprentices can be a profittable business, if you manage to succesfully land that active Apprentice that works alot, aka. makes alot of daily earnings for you.

Clicking on the Buy Apprentice button will present you with a url to the website where all Apprentices up for sale are at, it also opens up for you typing an Apprentice name through channel 7 if you wish to buy someone.

Things to pay attention to, on the website is whether or not the Apprentice have made a good earning to its Master already and what the last time is that they were active, although do keep in mind that yesterday's slacker may be tomorrow's goldmine.

Example: /7 Wili Clip

In the above example, we attempt to buy "Wili Clip", the price of this Apprentice and a confirm/cancel button will be given in a seperate window afterwards.

Viewing your Apprentices: If you wish to see your list of Apprentices, click the button with a textbubble in it:

This will give you a url in nearby chat that you can open in your browser.

Tips: So now we know how to recruit Apprentices but where do we go, location is really everything as trying to recruit Apprentices at a place like Business Park region is pointless as 99% of the cases they will already have played a LGH game.

Prime locations for recruiting are in fact welcome hubs where newcomers to Second Life arrives and what better way to learn them right off the bat on how to start making a living for their new endeavors in Second Life.

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