Sunflowers And Seeds

Snuffles eat Sunflower seeds in varying quantities per day and the seeds can be either bought or farmed yourself.

Farmed seeds can be used yourself or sold on the Seeds Exchange.

You will need somewhere to keep your farm, your own land or perhaps a rented plot with rezz rights.

Upon rezzing your farm will need 1 prim, which as the plant grows towards harvest will gradually increase to 13 prims.

As a new farmer you will need to gain farming experience to reach your full potential. At time of writing the initial harvest is 650 seeds.

Each harvest will increase your XP giving an additional BONUS seed up to a maximum of 1000 seeds per harvest.

Sunflowers need to be watered (touched) 10 times for them to grow. You can set small rewards in lindens or crafting material gold for players to do this for you

or it can be done by yourself without a reward. The minimum time from planting to harvest is 72 hours.

Your newly rezzed farm is now ready for planting, click the flower for the menu.

If you require your farm to be watered by others you need to set this first

Planting Your Farm
To plant the farm you will need these materials:

5 Energy Crystals
5 Biowaste
5 Clean Water
65 Fishes
10 Small Worms
Do not pick-up or "take" your farm into inventory once it has been planted. Doing so

will cause you to lose the seeds and the materials used for that harvest

Rez your farm on the ground
Click notification menu
Choose to reward or to start farm
Add ingrediants
If your wish is to set a reward you must do so before adding ingredients and starting the farm

Seed Consumption
One Snuffle will eat 350 seeds per day when set to 1x.

If you set that Snuffle to a 2x or higher, the amount of seeds it will need will

increase by the amount of your multiplier used. It will revert to 1x amount when

you switch the multiplier back.


Multiplier Seeds Per Snuffle
1x 350 350
2x 350 700
3x 350 1050
4x 350 1400
5x 350 1750
6x 350 2100
7x 350 2450
8x 350 2800
9x 350 3150
10x 350 3500
The actual amount of seeds the Snuffle will eat depends on how long your multiplier is set to the event under construction

Do I Have Enough Seeds?
When a Snuffle is first hatched, they grab 200 seeds from your supply. When that supply is close to gone,

they grab 600 seeds more, and continue to take 600 at a time for as long as they are rezzed.

They do not eat when they are in your inventory. You can pick them up as alive or re-burrow first.

Seeds can be bought from seed bags at HQ …..look for the red tub. Also many Snuffle breeders now have a seed bag on their land. The price will be the same wherever you buy from.

Seed packs can be bought from Marketplace but are more expensive than buying inworld. These you rezz and click to add the seeds to your account.

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