To Do

special jobs tasks need done and i dont know how or action not usual index item

create blog page template
delete obsolet image files

center text in div section headings
make this page private so only us see it
get social media buttons onto appropriate area with fb buttton. may need to request they be added from wikidot folks
ie; instagram and discord..
each page needs tagged- all with tags from main page
figure out how to use heading syntax in div blocks
make carosel slider function for staff images on main page
(without changing layout to bootstrap)
replace leaf logo with one of goldtokens - make it fixed not absolute
go thru pages and sort appropriatly the child parent relationships
make index items reflect this - categories over topics - topics over sub-pages
add last/next buttons
make language translation gadget
add fishpots to earnings page
make items on earnings page link to anchors on prospective pages
add advertising category to index
add contest category to index
expand on all topics
forum yes or no
make join become member button work

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