To buy worms, please see the how to

Barrels work like a real stock exchange with sell orders being satisfied by buyers and a varying price. It is worth remembering that the lowest sell order will be satisfied first, so if you want to ensure you worms sell you should set a lower price for them. Note that it does not matter at which worm exchange barrel location your worms are sold at.

To sell worms, left-click the barrel and select "Sell Worms" from the menu, followed by how many you wish to sell… now set the price you wish to sell your worms for, it will ask you to enter the price on a private channel with-in 30 seconds, for example:

Small Worms Exchange: Set price per Small Worm that you want to sell at on channel 12. Example for price 0.5 (must be in decimal number): /12 0.5) Noticable: 0.1 is 0.10 and 0.01 is 0.01 lindens

Getting Barrels placed is a simple process, just follow these steps:

File a support ticket to the Goldtokens Helpdesk that says you want barrels placed. Give a link to where you want them. Be prepared to allow a staff member entry to your land group for rezzing barrels or enable all residents this ability temporarily.
When staff arrives send them a group invite so that they can rez the barrels on your land. Indicate where you want the barrels placed.
After rezing, staff will take a few moments to set the barrels up.
Finally you should be able to move the barrels to where you want them. Afterwards staff will untick the "allow everyone to move" setting so that visitors cannot move them.
The landowner receives 10% commission from any worm sales made on their land. It's important to know that worm sales commission does not go directly to the landowner on point of sale. Instead it goes to the landowner's Goldtokens Account. This enables us to protect landowners from some of the fraud and hacking attempts involved in money transactions.To ensure you have an account please use the free beginner rod at least once. This will register an account for you. You can then visit the Fish Hunt Headquarters and touch the ATM machine to make an immediate withdrawal.

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